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    Tim Wedesweiler
    @Tango Charlie

    G’day All,
    by way of introduction of myself my name is Tim Wedesweiler a proud Ex-Australian soldier & now a Canadian soldier. I am extremely excited to be a member of the WarriorU program.

    I had 13 years with the Australian Army and had the privilege to serve at 2 Commando with some of the most dedicated warriors and Commando’s of my time. Now serving with the Canadian Special Operations Regiment in Canada I have that same privilege. The ADF & CF have provided me with so many fantastic opportunities & people that I would not of met, seen, done or experienced if i had remained in my home town of Narrabri.

    I love teaching, as an instructor at the WONCO Academy in Moorebank, I learnt very fast that if you want to become good at something, teach it. It forces you to learn it first before you have to attempt teaching it. After the suicide death of my best mate, David Reed, an Ex-servicemen to PTSD, I started a journey to understand mental health & well-being, resiliency, mental toughness, PTSD and depression that continues today. This has put me in the space of personal development, leadership and mental well-being training.

    I am proud to be a Dad of four amazing children and married to an amazing, strong interdependent girl.

    When in Australia I love to surf. In Canada, I love everything snowy……..cold to freezing – snowshoeing, skiing – both downhill and cross country and of course ICE HOCKEY, the greatest game in the world — that seeps into the soul —

    “Maintain the Rage”

    Tim Wedesweiler


    Matt Wilson
    @Whiskey Mike

    Tim, it must have been an amazing ride to experience the cutting edge of both the Australian and the Canadian Army. I am assuming that Canada’s training areas have the same qualities as those in Australia – basically land that cannot be flogged off to anyone. I would be interested in your views about the transition from the ADF to the CF. I am currently writing a thesis on the topic of military to civilian transitions and your transition story is intriguing one as it spans careers in two different armies on two different continents.

    Good luck and enjoy the surf/snow.



    Tim Wedesweiler
    @Tango Charlie

    Hi Matt,

    I am extremely privileged to have served in the 2nd Commando Regiment in Sydney, Australia and currently serving with the Canadian Special Operations Regiment in Petawawa, Canada. Yes, the training areas are exactly the same, are title land for military use and somewhat untouchable.

    Both military’s are very, very similar with the main difference being Canada’s requirement to concentrate on winter and Arctic warfare.

    PM me and i would love to answer any question you have on the transition, similarities and difference’s.

    i look forward to your next post



    Bram Connolly

    G’day Tim and Matt! thanks for the introductions.


    Anthony Plater


    Great to see you are doing so well in your pursuits in Canada, and welcome to WarriorU



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