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    Matt Wilson
    @Whiskey Mike

    All, I am riding in the Willow MTB event in early March at Wingello, NSW. Due to having a very tight mountain bike jersey at the moment (Christmas – pies etc) – my plan is to ride, not die and finish. I will be in the Masters (50 +) age group in the 22 k event. It is a cracking event and held on a challenging course in the best of spirits as it commemorates the passing of a talented mountain bike athlete at a very young age. I will be attempting quite a few other races around NSW this year and would be stoked to have a Warrior U fellow rider to tell lies to, make excuses and generally shoot the shit with.

    Stay tuned for vaguely accurate and lie free updates throughout the year.



    Bram Connolly

    Ha ha – Matt, DM me your postal address – I have a WarriorU t shirt for you and perhaps I’ll get some WarriorU MB jerseys made too. 🙂


    Matt Wilson
    @Whiskey Mike

    Bram, what an awesome idea. Please ensure that the jersey size is well, ummmm…. large enough to fit my massive bulk.


    Dean Adams
    @Charlie November

    Awesome stuff Matt.

    Definitely looking forward to hearing how you are getting on with what sounds like a great goal for you.

    All the best with it!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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