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    Aaron Bodycote

    Hey guys,

    Probably not an army related question but i was just wondering as to what (if any) protein supplements or pre/post workout powders everyone uses and if anyone has any recommendations?



    Bram Connolly

    Hi James, I have sent this question to a few mates of mine as well. They should get back to me shortly. I use a couple of different things, Refuge as a night sleep aid, and another product in the morning as a start up from Platinum nutrition. I use a protein powder only when trying to out on muscle. Day to day I use “My Fitness Pal” to track calories in and out trying to stay within 20g of carbs and 40/40 protein and fat. This works for my body for some reason.

    I’m interested to hear other guys on this as well.


    Craig Blanchard

    Hey James,

    Mate in my experience, it’s better to stay right away from pre-workout across the board, they’re full of rubbish. If you’re feeling flat prior to a session, have a double shot of coffee mixed in to a small protein shake. That way you’re not training while fasted, and you get the mental kicker you want. For a protein supplement, generally just a plain WHEY protein, without all the fillers in it, or ones blended with BULK carbs (pun intended).

    If anything else, just a good tub of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) for recovery, but if you go to a health food store to buy it, get the one without all the artificial crap mixed into it. Don’t forget most of these supplements are full to the hilt of artificial sweeteners, so their customers rave about the flavour to their gym mates, plus a whole other mix of chemicals that play murder on your kidneys/liver etc.

    Much of this with supps is trial and error mate, whatever works for you may be different for another. Don’t be afraid to hit up a nutrition specialist if you’ve got any other issues or questions.


    Bram Connolly

    Great advice Craig.


    Louise Benoit

    Hi James,
    Sorry for jumping in a bit late here… Great question and super common. In regards to pre workout I 100% agree with Craig. Not necessary, loaded with crap, can be come dependant on them and they are expensive. If you are struggling with energy you might need to take a closer look at your diet as to why that might be… you may be lacking in B vitamins or perhaps just not getting enough sleep or recovery. If you are really stuck though a short black will do the trick.

    On the Protein powder front it kind of depends what you are taking it for? Is it recovery or mass gaining?
    Most store bought protein powders are rubbish. low quality protein, low quantities of BCAA’s, full of fillers.
    Every few months I review popular protein powders based on they protein content, BCAA quantities, sodium content and ingredients.
    Best brands to date are The Naked Co, Professional Whey (NZ WPI), True Protein (NZ WPI).

    If you have one you want me to review I would be happy to do so.


    Aaron Bodycote

    Hi James,

    If you give us a better background picture on yourself and your training goals we can give some better advice.

    But I also agree with the advice above.

    My advice protein wise is stick to NZ grass fed whey as they cows have not been fed antibiotics and other rubbish.

    Bulk nutrients sell a good natural grass fed protein thats not too expensive.

    BCAA’s are generally over promoted and taken too.

    As always remember real good quality food is always better then supplements.

    If training hard I generally take Magnesium, Zinc and a good probiotic.

    Far more important then creatine as if your stomach can’t absorb the food and nutrients you put in to it then you can’t build muscle or burn fat.

    Also remember if your training for Special Forces you won’t be allowed pre workout on selection and will be in the hurt locker. So mentally training yourself to train when tired or unmotivated will help you build mental toughness and help you more in the long run.

    Any other questions happy to help.




    Anthony Plater

    Re Supplements discussion above.

    Note* with all supplements, it pays to do your research, don’t necessarily listen to what your gym buddy, supplements store or friend is telling you, as much of it is hearsay, research, research, research, it may take some trial and error.

    The below is a list of supplements/products that I have tried with good/solid success. Clearly as stated, supplements are not allowed during selection or the like, however, a positive supplements plan will allow you to MAXIMISE your training and recover well to follow your training process, be it conditioning, strength, skill, mobility or mental game. A solid supplements plan will have you well postured to meet the environmental and physical aspects that selection or entry will require of you.

    Pre-work, C4 is a solid brand that is reasonably clean. Pre-workout has its place in terms of the effect in your physical training preparation or general physical preparation accessories (GPP). Be it short term stimulation and clarity it can give you if you are hitting a tough session late in a training week or training cycle. Cycle it in and out of your training cycle or training week for best results.

    Protein – Evolve Anabolic Recovery Matrix. post-work out recovery. Can also be used through the day as a protein top up.

    Evolve Maltodextrin – mix with above, as post work out recovery, it provides a source of high glycemic glucose polymers for rapid glycogen replenishment (Carbs)

    Supplements General

    Magnesium – Thorne Magnesium Citrate, Post workout and prior to bed
    Zinc – Thorne Zinc Picolate, post work out, supports growth and immune function.
    Krill Oil – post work, absorbed faster than fish oil, high potency reducing inflammation.

    Happy to take questions and or further add if required.



    Reece Dewar

    Great feedback “Team”



    Aaron Bodycote

    Gday James,

    I’m jumping on this thread a little late, however, I’m interested to see if you’ve had some progress with your nutrition supplementation? You’ve already received some fantastic feedback and general advice here, how is it all working out to this point?

    I am currently completing a sports nutrition course, with some great tidbits of information specific to your question.

    Please reach out if you’re still in need of any more advice, more than happy to help.



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