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    Braiden Russell
    @Bravo Romeo

    Hey guys just wanted to post what training future soldiers are going to experience at kapooka right now as kapooka just jumped on a new program.

    Week 1 and week 2
    In the first two weeks you get all the boring lessons and drill out of the way, also theres going to be a culture shock for people especially in morning routine, teamwork is key in morning routine.

    Week 3,4,5,
    These weeks you will do the EF88 package and combat shooting package and do the RP shoots ( transitioning positions and engaging targets sort of deal) focus on getting drills on the weapon down pat. But its really fun to shoot trust me.
    Week 6
    Week six you will start to do pt like weapons run and your final two strength sessions until the last week. You do lessons for NFE and a bit for LSW this week.
    Week 7
    All you do this week is minimi lessons and three shoots, one minimi blank firing activity and a live shoot after you do your weapon competency test. Plus the NFE shoot with the EF88. Pt picks up with rope climbing and RDJ
    Week 8
    Weeks 8 is grenade lessons, throwing the grenades and later during the week you get gassed.

    Week 9
    Week 9 is where you prep for field and do stuff like PESA ( gate) and the BFA ( not a gate) at the end of week 9 you go field.
    Week 10 is all field. Will update what its all about when I do it.
    Week 11 is all marchout practice up to week 12. Week 12 is marchout week and two days before you marchout you have the rsm and a high ranking officer inspect your room and locker layout to see if you can mantain a barracks room.

    Apologies if theres any spelling errors, any questions I will answer when i next get my phone.


    Ed Archer
    @Echo delta tango

    Nice work Braiden!

    I managed to get some really good news on Monday and I’ll headed there on October the 22nd!
    Appreciate the small tips like teamwork on morning routine.

    Have fun!


    Braiden Russell
    @Bravo Romeo

    Mate the first three weeks are shit, just listen to instructions and be a good teammate otherwise there will be retraining ( fuck that)


    Bram Connolly

    Thanks Braiden, I really appreciate the updates and the phone calls too mate – I asked a couple of guys and you’re doing really well. Keep it up.


    Ollie Thomas
    @Oscar Tango

    Thanks for sharing your experience so far Braiden its great getting insight into whats ahead at Kapooka ! All the best with marching out.


    Kain McKenzie

    Cheers for the heads up mate!

    I’m due to go to Kapooka for on the 26th of October for the choco course, wonder if that’s also changed too then?


    Braiden Russell
    @Bravo Romeo

    Hey bram, yeah my sgt yesterday was telling me im doing really good when I was getting stuff out of the box room which was a bit awkward but some staff think im shithouse to be honest.
    Thanks ollie its field next week so i will be able to give some people on here what to expect out on exercise binh bah

    Hey kain i was talking to a few choco blokes going through there course and theres a lot of fun stuff your going to miss out on like grenades and shit and will have to pick up weapons really easy as you will have a weapon competency test in a few days where as for full timers you have 3 weeks to get the ef88 handling down and about 5 days for minimi, sounds pretty intense but just listen to your instructors and you will be golden.

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