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    Hi team,

    My name is Jayce BASSETT I am 26 years of age. At 17 I joined the Australian Army as a driver, once qualified I was posted to the 2nd cavalry regiment, deployed to Afghanistan with 5 RAR then finished my time with 9 FSB.

    Once I returned back home, I was lost in what I wanted in life. when I was overseas I admired what I seen in the infantry it drove me to want more in life.

    After some serious thinking I decided I wasn’t mentally ready for an application to the commandos so I decided to discharged from the Military to pursue a cereer in policing. After 6 years out of the military I have finally realized what I want in life and I have the right motivation to get shit done.

    I have come on here to get some help and support with the process of becoming a qualified commando. Specifically in the 1st commando.

    Jayce BASSETT


    Bram Connolly

    welcome mate


    Reece Dewar

    Gday Jayce,

    Welcome aboard.Sounds like you have a plan to “get shit done”, I assume that you have been successful in you pursuit to become a Police Officer, hence the reason to become a member of 1 Commando Regiment. As a former Sergeant Major of 1 Company, 1st Commando Regiment I wish you all the success of your endeavors you have certainly started on the right foot by becoming a member of WarriorU.

    At this stage in your life you have definitely achieved life experience through your previous service and your current profession, this is one of the things we look for in a candidate prior to commencing “Selection”. So Jayce, we are here to help you achieve your “Life” goals.

    Thanks for your service and continued patriotism, here to help with your future success.

    Kind regards

    “Bang It In”

    Reece Dewar


    Anonymous @

    Thanks so much for your support Reece.

    A couple of years ago I took a job as a Police custody Officer, but I am hopefull of transferring to become a police officer in the near future. My ultimate goal is to one day get into the special operations with Victoria police, I have decided That if I can get into the commandos and do some time there, this might look a bit more favorable on my resume in the long run.

    I look forward to the road ahead Reece.

    Thanks for the reply

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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