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    Will Key
    @Whiskey Kilo 26

    Hi Guy’s, Will here.

    I found, and entered into, this program through advice from Paul Cale, who I met at the Kinetic 1A course in Melbourne. Due to the following;

    In March 2018 I enlisted into ARA, and discharged in April 2018, due to an inability to cope with Army structure. Since then, on advice from Army psychologist who conducted my exit interview, I have been working on my personal resilience and discipline through goal setting etc.

    So far, I have completed my current goals of improving my fitness, and completing the Bush Lore Australia 3 day survival course, amongst other goals. And I am on to my next target, which is to become a PSO within Victoria Police.
    I aim to remain within that position for a few years, and then reapply to the ADF to serve within the ARA or RAAF.



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    Keith McArdle

    G’day Will, nice to ‘meet’ you!


    Will Key
    @Whiskey Kilo 26

    Likewise Keith.


    Dean Adams
    @Charlie November

    G’day Will,

    Firstly all the best with achieving that next goal on your list!

    Just wondering how you found the Kinetic course and what you got out of it?



    Will Key
    @Whiskey Kilo 26

    Hi Dean.

    I found both the theoretical and practical components of the Level 1-A course to be well structured and informative. It suits both those looking for an introduction to self defence, and people like me who have a background in martial arts.

    As for what I got out of it, I enjoyed how Paul Cale went into the legalities around self defence, mindset, and the simplicity of the training. It was cohesive.


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