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    Matt Wilson
    @Whiskey Mike

    Hello everyone, Matt here, a Sydney based member of the Warrior U community. I am at the tail end of my 30+ year career in the Army which has provided me with opportunities and experiences that I would not have had the chance to do so outside of the ADF. Of course, it wasn’t always unicorns and puppies, and there have been days/weeks/months where I have nearly let things get on top of me. What I have come to realise is that it is the sense of community and belonging to an organisation like the ADF that kept me going even when things got reasonably shitty. I will miss the Army but am very happy to stand aside and let someone else enjoy the challenges and rewards that the Army/ADF will bring.

    I work in the leadership development space and would be only too happy to share ideas and thoughts with you on personal development and leadership topics, or generally just shoot the shit. I am always keen to get a fresh perspective on how leadership is evolving at a rapid pace and what we need to do as leaders and followers to not only keep up but get ahead of the game.

    For fun, I ride a mountain bike (XC) and pretend to race on the odd occasion. I think I am up to my third new helmet, but hey, if you ride a mountain bike, you are going to fall off.

    Life is good.



    Anthony Plater

    Welcome Matt,

    And yep, riding a mountain bike and falls go hand in hand.

    Good to have you on the program in the mentor space.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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