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    Keith McArdle

    Hi all,

    My name’s Keith McArdle.

    I joined the Army in 1996 as a Ready Reserve Rifleman. I completed 1 year fulltime and 3 years part-time. Then I entered the civvie world in the IT industry, became bored and rejoined the Air Force this time (yeah I know, I know) as an Aircraft Life Support Fitter. Deployed to Qatar (they call it the MEAO), but it was just a big holiday camp and we were never ever in any danger at any time (although the aircrew often were). We were issued the AASM for that gig (something I felt completely embarrassed about).

    Transferred to the Army in the same role and really enjoyed it (I should have done it sooner). In my opinion, the Army does aviation better than the RAAF. Deployed to Timor and Afghan (felt like I redeemed my AASM a little with the Afghan trip). Then discharged and joined the Queensland Ambulance Service as an Advanced Care Paramedic and have been in the role now for 9 and a half years. Great job! But I want to change things up and am in the middle of applying to the Army Reserve (because SCME separated me from the Army) as a ‘Combat’ Paramedic. I just joined WarriorU and I think it will definitely be helpful for me.

    So, g’day!




    Tim Wedesweiler
    @Tango Charlie

    G’day Kieth,

    What a Journey……it has taken you all over the Australian military and the world.

    I love that you enter the civilian sector as a First Responder. I have a new found respect for you and all First Responders…..the things you do and deal with on a daily basis are truly amazing. So…..thank you for your service!

    Great to have you among the crowd at the WarriorU program. I look forward to hearing where your journey takes you next.

    “Maintain the Rage”


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