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    Bram Connolly

    One of my go to sessions to build fitness fast is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The most basic of this is to do an activity for 1 minute (sustained hard pace) and rest for 1 Minute and then repeat this 10 times through, becomes a 20 minute workout not including warm up and cool down.

    For me the workout looks like this:
    Warm Up
    Slow jog for 5 minutes
    12 duck waddles forward
    12 duck waddles back
    Walking lunges for 10 meters
    6 to 10 small sprints (20 meters) with a rest between each one, and increasing in pace each time until ending at around 80 percent.

    Main effort: 1 minute @ 3 min 30 sec a kilometre – 1 minute walking (repeat 10 time through)

    Cool down
    Slow jog (6 minute a kilometre pace) for 500m
    5 sets of 10 air squats and trunk rotations
    Long walk and a coffee.

    I like to keep data for everything that I do. Most of it I keep in Training Peaks http://www.trainingpeaks.com

    There is a function in there to track your fitness on a graph. I find this is very inspiring and motivates me to add data all the time.

    When I was racing triathlon, I knew that I had done the work if my fitness was up around 72CTL – I knew I would beat most people at that number if I was having a good day – to put that into perspective I am at 6CTL now (yes 6)…. and can run around 5min kilometres if I have too.

    Its worth experimenting with the software and costs around $119US a years subscription.


    Chris Booth

    Training peaks is a great tool as long as you have the reliable hardware. I’ve always used Garmin and it hasn’t let me down – although it wasn’t until recently that they have added apps that track HIIT well. If you are serious about training, I would give the Apple watch a miss unless you really need to send poomoji’s during a burpie-a-thon.

    What do you use Bram?


    Bram Connolly

    Garmin all the way mate!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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