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    Anonymous @

    Hi team,

    Just wanted some feed back regarding the special forces direct entry process.

    I am currently at the paper board stage, I have filled out all required paperwork and am just nervous about my answers.

    I have previously served in the Australian Army as a driver. In actual fact Major French was my boss while deployed to Afghanistan, good to read some of your responses sir, your a man of wisdom mate.

    I have been training hard roughly hitting around 6 plus hours a week pack marching 40kg, swimming, cross fit workout, running and weights.

    I would love any feed back, Bram CONNOLLY I am a massive fan mate keep up the good posts on instagram.


    Bram Connolly


    I’m going to ask one of the other mentors who has been both an officer in SF and had some experience with DFR to answer this mate.

    Will get back to you shortly.



    David French

    Hey Jayce,

    Great to hear from you brother – but it’s just Dave now!. If you apply the same focus and work ethic you do as one of The Jackals in Afghan mate you will do well I have no doubt. You have a great advantage in being a ‘retread’ and again so from having lived life on the outside of the Army as well for a couple of years. I would think you could rely on that pretty well through any interview process. For example, one of the questions I would ask to try and test someone getting back into the Army is: ‘Why are you re-enlisting? Couldn’t you hack it on the outside?’

    You answer could include something about how you have found the most enjoyable roles you have had as being in the Army (Stretch the truth a bit if needs be); you enjoy the esprit-de-corps and the opportunity to serve. All the reasons that drove you to enlist the first time.

    The point of the above is to practice your answers, test them out on yourself or the missus. Read them out loud. They shouldn’t be fake sounding or over complicated, just the truth.

    A friend once told me when I was applying for civvie jobs that recruiting is a risk management excercise, trying to find the best solution for a whole in the organisation. For the Army I reckon a lot of the people you will talk to will be thinking ‘Would I trust this bloke to serve with my mates in the unit?’. You need to show why they should.

    Take care mate and hit me up if you ever swing by Canberra.


    Anonymous @


    Great to hear from you again, thanks once again for your Knowledge and support. It’s great to get some valuable feedback.

    I will be putting everything into this. I am getting really excited to start this next part of my Journey, hopefully it all goes well.

    Mate that sounds awesome, if I am ever over that way I will shoot you a message.


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