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    Edward McGowan

    Hi all,

    Really happy to have all of this available to me. Genuine thanks to Bram and all the mentors helping people like me move toward their aspirations.

    My name is Edward, I’m 25, Sydney born and raised. I’m half mexican and half scottish, so I got called dirty sanchez all through high school. This country took both my parents in with open arms and they made sure that I knew it. They have nothing but gratitude for this country and its people. I feel like I have coasted basically all of my life and its not a nice thing to come to terms with. So I want to do something with my life and aim to give back.I am going for GSO, and if i’m not found suitable then I will go for full time infantry.

    I have slowly gotten fat, become less confident in myself, and have let my life become pretty chaotic. Sick of it.

    I want to be a person of character, someone people can really look to for support, strength and guidance. I am sick of being average.

    So much to work on, in all honesty I’m excited.

    All the best everyone,



    Tim Wedesweiler
    @Tango Charlie

    Welcome Edward,

    Great to have you on board!

    It takes a certain character to want to serve their country, and seems like you have it. This is one of the main attributes required when joining the military, understanding that act of SERVICE.

    “I have slowly gotten fat, become less confident in myself, and have let my life become pretty chaotic. Sick of it.”

    I have reposted your words, as i believe that you fully want to change something in your life. You are on the way, the first step into changing something is recognizing it. You have done that with your truthful words above. But to Change, you can’t just recognize it, you must put an ACTION to it. Be decisive about what you want to change.

    I would be more than willing to share some idea’s on how to start the change required to achieve your goals, just let me know and drop me a line.

    ‘Maintain the Rage’



    Matt Wilson
    @Whiskey Mike

    Sanch, welcome aboard and like Tim I appreciate your honesty and attitude to the job you have ahead of you. I live in Sydney, ride a mountain bike (badly) and row indoor (badly), but heck any riding and any rowing are better than a day behind a desk. Like Tim, please feel free to reach out if you need some thoughts on where you would like to take your leadership skills and character.

    Mexican and Scottish sure sounds like a mix with a heap of energy potential.

    Good to have you alongside us,



    Anthony Plater


    Change starts with you and you have set the right start point by making sound decisions like joining the team here at WarriorU, establishing your goals of becoming a GSO Officer in the Australian Army, and lastly by wanting to become an Infantry Officer.

    I served for just short of ten years in an Infantry Battalion (The Mighty 1st battalion) before taking up a posting to the School of Infantry, then finally SF Selection. Yell out if you have any questions on service life, Infantry battalions, or SF.

    Continue to set the bar high for yourself, always strive for excellence no matter what you are doing and lastly, have the confidence, the on the day, your best will be enough to get you through what ever you are pursuing or are being challenge by.

    best of luck with the GSO process. Stay in touch and let us know of your progress.




    Tom T
    @Tango Tango

    Good on you Edward! Rip in Mate, all the best! I look forward to witness you crush the year.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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