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    Anthony Plater


    Try this WOD out, very solid full body hit out. Ensure you maintain good form.

    Tip, break up the pull-ups early, I hit quick sets of two’s then into singles, its more challenging than you think.

    You can either hit strict pull-ups, kipping or butterfly if you have these skills in your tool bag.

    With the air squats, ensure the hip crease goes below the knee crease for the rep to count. Google search for more detailed movement standards explanation.

    Good luck, enjoy the grind

    5 pullups
    10 push ups
    15 air

    10 pull ups
    20 push ups
    30 air squats

    20 pullups
    40 push ups
    60 air squats

    40 pull ups
    80 push ups
    120 air squats

    My time: 20:34


    Tom Turnbull
    @Tango Tango

    I got 19:57, really pushed myself there, very wobbly after. Great workout! I wrote down in my book plus 2 min because when I dropped to sets of one in the last 15ish of the 40 pull ups I had no control on the way down and dropped to the floor each time. So next time I intend to match my time with more controlled pull ups in the last set of 40. Was pretty brutal on the chicken legs at the end there.

    Cheers Plats for taking the time to put these forward to everyone!


    Bram Connolly

    Tom that’s a great time mate. I was struggling on this and managed 25 minutes – still nursing my rotator cuff after dropping on some ring muscle ups. at least that’s my excuse.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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