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    Ed Archer
    @Echo delta tango

    (Apologies up front, this might be long but I feel I should include a bit of info so I can paint a picture here!)

    So I completed my YOU session today and got pretty good results, I applied for Commando direct entry and got that in my list. Made all the brushing up on maths and such and the constant testing well worth it
    Happy times!

    Here is my question, old mate career counsellor really pushed hard to get me to not follow up with that, is there an abundance of people currently after the upcoming SF roles, or do counsellors get recommended to steer people in certain roles? He pushed super hard for me to be an officer (he was navy so pushed for me to take maritime warfare officer) but I stuck to my guns.
    His primary concern was preparation and recommended I download the adf active app, I said I did and found I needed more so I got into warrioru and it’s really helped me, mentioned I wound my own business back and took a subbie role so I could focus more on prep for the Army.
    Then he moved to my physique (textbook ectomorph) and I noted whilst not a huge rig I’ve put on 10kg in my 6 months of decent training and eating to suit so far whilst increasing my fitness level to the point I’m comfortable I’d pass the SFET and following this warrioru program was a great benefit. I’m just over 70kg and slowly climbing, I’d envisage I’ll taper off at 75kg which is still lean but not exactly Kenyan runner spec
    Then he moved on to being mentally fit….

    So long way for a short question here but do they purposely try and push you in another direction? For roles that need filling?
    He was a nice bloke and he went off and asked someone else and they said I was all good to apppy for SFDRS if that’s what I want, but then when they left he put my preference as ‘infantry area’ and recommended my second preference as combat engineer!

    I’m a fairly driven individual so I know I’ll push on with my goal but I’d love some feedback from those who have been there if that’s at all possible?

    Hopefully this comes across the right way? Figured if I ask it on here it might help others


    Bram Connolly

    Ed, I’m not even sure where to start with this mate – so many questions and points to discuss; but then again, that’s what WarriorU is all about and what you are subscribing for.

    If possible, I’d like to set up a Skype call to follow up this email at a time that suits you.

    OK –

    Firstly, Special Forces Direct Recruiting is very very selective. They have hundreds and hundreds of applicants a year and will take about a quarter of those who apply. The rest are knocked back at the paper board. Of note, the advertised specifications is n to exactly who they are looking for, they are after those that have completed year 12, have been a school captain or sporting captain, they can demonstrate wider community participation (CFS, SES or some other type of volunteering). Mature age are generally knocked back, as are those that are too young. In fact, the interesting point is that the guy they wasn’t is exactly the same guy who applies for RMC.

    Yes, recruiters make a little more money on those that are successful. So, the onus is on the recruiter to get you into a role where they think you will be successful. How’s that for stacking the decks.

    My parting gift – you’re on an escalator towards the pearly gates, as we all are, better to have a crack at it and then adjust if you’re not successful than to exist in an area where you’re not truly happy.


    David French

    Hi Ed,

    I can’t speak to SFDRS at all, but there are recruiting targets for particular trades and ranks that DFR prioritises at any given time. These are solely based off the requirements provided to them by the ADF.

    Old mate’s bent might have been because he had what he considered was a great career in the Navy and wanted you to follow suit.

    Ultimately you are on your own path here. Follow that one.

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