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    Emerson Fenwick
    @Echo Foxtrot

    hey guys,
    I have my assessment day for Commando’s coming up, any tips?


    Bram Connolly


    Thanks for the question mate. I have experience in all things after the assessment day gate, so I’m not much good to you. I’ll refer the question to one of the mentors who has experience in DFR. Suffice to say, make sure that you know about the SFDRS Scheme, the Advanced Infantry Training that you will have to do after Initial Employment Training and also the Commando Selection and Training Course too. I’ll have a mentor reach out to you mate, oh and I saw that your T-shirt was sent off today too.



    Bram Connolly

    In Australia there’s currently 2 ways to get to regular special forces. By enlisting and then applying to undertake SFET (special forces entry test) or the direct entry scheme (civilians applying directly to special forces and then undertaking extended courses to prepare them for direct service with a specwarops unit).

    The application process is this:

    1. CO/OC approval
    2. Unit clerk to book SF med board
    3. Psych test for service in Special Forces

    and the basic entry requirements for SFET are:

    60 Pushups
    100 Situps
    10 Heaves
    2.4km Run (Patrol Order 7kg/ Runners) 11.30 min
    Run-Jump-Dodge test (Patrol order) 50 sec
    Swim 400m (DPCU & Runners) 18 min
    Tread water 2 min
    15km Endurance march (21kg Pack, 7kg Webbing, rifle) 2hrs 20 min

    The SFET used to be a 72 hour course and the following is basically a good idea of what happens:

    DAY 1 – Roll Call/Check Documentation (Psych/Medical etc)
    1. B.F.A (2.4km run, BFA Sit Up test -100 pass with 5 pushups docked for every time poor form was shown, Push ups – 80 pass)

    2. Heave Test (overgrasp/undergrasp/alternate -12 pass, with VERY strict form!!!)

    3. Breakfast

    4.Nav Test/Comms Test/Med. Test (Written)

    5. Lunch

    6. 3.2km Battle run 7kgs Webbing + rifle (16:30 &under for Commandos, under 16 mins for SASR)


    8. 400mtr swim test in Clean Fatigues after 2 min tread water (total time 18 minutes)

    9. Rope ascent/decent in patrol order +rifle. To be completed twice up and down 30ft rope without touching feet on ground on first decent.

    10. Comms practical test

    11. Assimilation of instruction test (foreign weapons)

    12. Medical/First aid practical

    13. Impromptu public speech on nominated topic/Essay writing/Group problem solving

    14. Usual 0200hrs finishing time on second day after a 0730 start.

    DAY 2

    15. Reveille approx. 0400hrs (2 hours sleep)

    16. 0415 embuss trucks to 28km endurance march start point.

    17. 0430 Form up/stretches with PTI’s.

    18. Approx. 0445 commence 4hr/28km endurance march (minimum 24km)

    19. Approx. 0930 all personnel picked up by trucks and taken to start points for Exercise ‘Resolute Warrior’

    20. Approx 1000hrs commence first of 3 x 3hr group stands (activities)

    22. Approx 2100hrs activity ceased, return to transit lines to deservice and treat injuries etc…get some sleep, and have FIRST meal for the day.

    DAY 3

    23. Approx 0700 Reveille


    25. 0800 Begin rolling course candidates through Board of Studies (BOS). For those who have not experienced this, it usually involved three officers, usually Captain/Majors or perhaps Lt. Col, as well as 2 or 3 SNCO’s, WO2/WO1, who spent approx. 20-30 minutes grilling you on your personal evaluation on how you performed on the course, what you felt were your strengths/weaknesses, how you rated other course candidates etc….And the obligatory question of ‘and what makes you think you would be a good asset to the SF group’ or similar wording.


    Bram Connolly

    Just bringing this up again as I have been asked some information about the process.

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