Episode 62: Nooch’s Pooches – Panos

This week on the WarriorU Podcast Bram Connolly talks to Panos Anagnostou.

Founder & Head Trainer of Nooch’s Pooches his qualifications include; National Dog Trainers Federation Cert III, Statement of Attainment in Dog Training Cert IV, Dangerous Dog Handling Course and Animal Studies Cert II – but more importantly – Panos is passionate about how dogs can teach us more about ourselves.

Panos received his first dog Rocky, a Kelpie, after a critical incident that left Panos with life-threatening injuries and a degree of ongoing trauma. Rocky taught Panos about the human condition and how dogs might just be the answer to finding a better version of ourselves. I hope you enjoy this episode, and go and give your dog a pat.