If your goal is to join the Army, this program is for you.

WarriorU is owned and operated by former members of the Australian Special Forces. 

We wanted to create something different than just another military inspired physical training program. Physical preparation is only the starting point. We wanted to design something that would take a holistic approach at preparing you for your journey.  The WarriorU program focuses on all the skills required to not only get into the Australian Army, but also will give you an advantage during the basic and initial employment training.

There’s a daily workout, a weekly skills lesson and monthly peer tests.

The program is perfect for those that are 12 – 3 months out from applying.

Mentors to make you a warrior.

It takes a village to raise a child – and it takes warriors to raise a warrior!
At WarriorU we have assembled a tribe of Special Forces operators, athletes, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. These are modern day warriors who have dedicated their time to provide you with mentorship and motivation.

Warrioru is a team that’s on your side. Ask us questions, collaborate with each other and draw on our experiences. Our mission is to ensure you’re successful in your mission.

Decide on a course of action and then pursue it like a beast


Featured Mentors

Bram Connolly

“I had such a Great career and i want people to see how a job in the Australian Defence Force could open up all sorts of doors for them into the future.”

Reece Dewar

“One of my biggest achievements has been the creation of my most important team (my family). The ability to inspire others and watch them achieve their goals is very rewarding.”

Selena Clancy

“If you are a woman who wants a career that will challenge you and release your fullest potential, WarriorU is the program you need. Don’t be left behind!”

Simon Ozanne

“My successes in the military…were directly attributable to my mentors; …who through their sound leadership, knowledge, courage and inspiration, have helped me reach my full potential.”


“The oath to serve your country did not include a contract for normal luxury and comforts enjoyed within our society. On the contrary, it implied hardships, loyalty and devotion to duty, regardless of your rank. This battle school is here to remind you of that oath”.

‘Warry’ George Mansford

Retired Brigadier


Friends of WarriorU